The truck cover & sider is a basic and important material for PVC coated tarpaulin area.
Macrotuff shows a high performance of protection of transport cargo and advertising application.
Depending on customer’s demand, there are a variety of weight, width and color in Macrotuff range.
Tensile and tear strength, flexibility, durability and printability are key factors of excellent quality.
Product range
  • 10oz (= 340g/m2)
  • 14oz (= 480g/m2)
  • 18oz (= 610g/m2)
  • 20oz (= 680g/m2) with Tear-stop base scrim
  • 22oz (= 750g/m2)
  • 26oz (= 900g/m2) with Panama base scrim
Coating solution
  • 100% knife vinyl coating
  • Vinyl calender coating with chemical glue
Matte, Glossy, Leather, Taffeta, Linen emboss, Acrylic lacquer top coat, Etc.